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Beo Post Fyn - Odense

Beo Post Fyn is our new post production studio for film and Tv, located in Odense.

Beo Post Fyn aims to develop local talents and provide post production services for new and interesting projects based in Fyn.

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We are located in the Filmhus Fyn



Beopost offers custom ​lens-to-distribution workflow design for every project and its own unique requirements.


The picture post-production for theatrical features or TV broadcasting combines experienced digital artists with color-science and technical engineering along with with post-production management and coordination.

Our in-house coordinator will provide smooth process and dialogue between departments ensuring the meeting of mastering deadlines and deliveries.

Beopost | Post-production Workflow


Our company provides trained DITs and data managers to ensure safe backups and quality checks on the source media with industry-leading tools.

We offer dailies, offline and online storage solutions, ingest and transcode services, LTO backup and private cloud support by the efficient ioGates web-platfom.

In our assistant editorial bays, skilled assistant editors transcode and ingest the footage in the editing platforms, performing accurate logging and metadata checks.

Beopost can arrange asset management for VFX, conform pulls and media distribution through production and post.


Our editing suites support all major NLE  softwares (Avid, Premiere, Final Cut, Lightworks) and server based multi editor projects for efficient and comfortable editing.

The editorial systems are equipped with large TVs and speakers along with secure bandwidth for high-speed data I/O.

Beopost | DIT and Dailies
Odense Workflow
Odense DIT
Odense Editing suites


We rely on experienced colourists to provide the color grade for feature, episodic and commercial projects using our calibrated grading cinema, equipped with a brand new 4K Laser projector. 


Whether we are involved at the beginning of the shoot process, collaborating with the director and the cinematographer on the look development or joining you in post, our process is always driven by collaboration and productive communication.


During the entire grading process, the color decisions can be added to the original imagery in a non-destructive way so that every adjustment that came earlier can be softened or completely re-done in the final DI, according to the needs of the project.



We provide insertion or removals of elements in your movie to enhance the storytelling of the project.

VFX and graphics integration sessions allow filmmakers to work with the digital artist inside our feature finishing theatre to view VFX sequences on the big screen. This allows creative choices, evaluating the VFX and the graphics design work in context and in the same environment and color space that theatrical audiences would ultimately see it.

Odense Grading
Odense VFX


We offer a full range of DCI-compliant DCP mastering and versioning services along with broadcast safe deliveries for TV.


We make it easy for filmmakers to order any and every delivery format desired and we can master in log space (frequently used for film recording) and in any color space required, including Rec. 709, P3, ACES, and more.

  • Digital Cinema Packages (DCP)

  • Encrypted or unencrypted keys (KDM/DKDM)

  • Archive master deliverables (DSM and DCDM)

  • Color Space & File Conversions

  • LTO Data Archive & Back-Up

  • HD & 4K (UHD) File Based Mastering

  • Digital Delivery Encoding

  • Source media asset management

  • Tape & File-Based Duplication

  • FTP storage

Beopost | Mastering
Odense Mastering
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