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Slaget om Fredens  Havn

Slaget om Fredens Havn

Lars Borking
Lars Borking
Edoardo Rebecchi
House of Real
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Full Post Production

THE BATTLE ABOUT THE HARBOUR OF PEACE (SLAGET OM FREDENS HAVN) is a story about a group of homeless people who have taken matters into their own hands and have created their own little paradise on old boats - a lot of them half sunken - next to some of Copenhagen’s most expensive habitation on Copenhagen's waterfront.

Some urban planners see Fredens Havn as as a succesful social experiment showing how homeless can co-create solutions to their problems, while neighbours and politicians at large see the place as an illegal occupation and an eyesore that needs to be taken down by authorities

It´s a story about the people living in this real-life Water World. The old punk and strident semi-retired sword swallower Stork and Esben, the peaceful and pragmatic unofficial "mayor" of the community. Very different personalities with each their own take on how to deal with the city and their threats to shut down their pirate community .

But even more so, it´s a film about the clash between different classes in Denmark, the homeless and the students in Fredens Havn versus their prosperous neighbors, who have gotten politicians and authorities to begin a clearance of the harbor.

Storken and his friends are doing everything they can to try and change the decision and keep Fredens Havn, but will they succeed?

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